Wash away dirt and grime from tile flooring for a like-new look.

Because of its durability and low maintenance, tile flooring is a popular choice for corporate offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants and more. But regular mopping can't reach the dirt and grime that slowly builds up in the porous surface of the tile and grout over time. That's why you need to the professional tile and grout cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean.

Using the latest cleaning technologies available, our commercial tile and grout cleaning professionals help return your tile surfaces to a like-new appearance. Our highly trained team specializes in various types of tile flooring, including ceramic, porcelain, limestone and travertine. We'll work around your schedule to minimize any interruptions to help keep your business running smoothly.

Grout recoloring restores your floor's appearance.

By removing debris that can weaken the grout, we help extend the life of your tile floors. Our grout recoloring services can make discolored grout look like new again, or we can give your tile flooring a whole new look with a change in grout color. Whatever your tile and grout needs are, trust the cleaning professionals at ServiceMaster Clean to get the job done right.

The ServiceMaster Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Process:

  1. We conduct a preliminary inspection of your tiled areas to determine the best cleaning method.
  2. Spots and stains are pre-sprayed using state-of-the-art cleaning products.
  3. We use shielded high-pressure cleaing and extraction to remove dirt and ground-in soil.
  4. We clean all corners and baseboards.
  5. All tiled areas are thoroughly dried.
  6. As an option, we can seal all grout lines to preserve cleanliness and prevent long-term damage or even re-color the grout for a new look.