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Physician Office Cleaning Services

Ensure Your Facility Is Spotless & Disinfected

Every day, many patients and their families come in and out of your physician’s office. It’s crucial that you hire a cleaning and disinfection services company that can keep up with this kind of traffic and the pathogens it leaves behind. ServiceMaster Clean will help ensure that your facility is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so that your patients and staff always have a safe and healthy environment.

The Medical Office Cleaning Service Experts

At ServiceMaster Clean, we tailor our medical office cleaning service to your institutional needs and preferences. We understand that it may not be practical or necessary at times to implement a complete janitorial cleaning program. So we customize our services based on the customer’s individual site requirements with an emphasis on healthcare-specific areas. Our highly trained team provides hospital grade surface sanitation from sweeping and mopping floors to dusting desks, counters and furniture -- all done in a courteous way no matter what time you need us!

Let ServiceMaster Clean take the hassle out of medical office cleaning. With decades of experience and professional staff, we can ensure your facility is kept spotless. Contact us today!

Deep Cleaning and a Commitment to Health

Our team of highly trained and experienced cleaning technicians go through a rigorous certification process so that you can be confident each technician is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to get the job done. Whether your need involves carpet cleaning, air duct system sanitization, water damage restoration or any of our other services – we guarantee superior results. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is part of our pledge, which means that your expectations are met every time one of our professional service representatives visits your medical office. We not only meet those expectations but exceed them by using powerful green certified products that don’t harm people or animals at all stages in the application process.

Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program for Physician Offices

Thoroughly cleaning a physician’s office requires a more thorough approach than a cursory-level cleaning. Our experts use advanced techniques and industry best practices developed by leading organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our Patient-Centered Cleaning Program focuses on improving your environment, the appearance of your facility and the comfort level of your patients. Our thorough cleaning and disinfection services will help you improve performance metrics, help to retain more patients and help to maximize your reimbursement dollars.

Addressing Your Physician Office’s Unique Cleaning Needs

ServiceMaster Clean offers extensive training programs for our staff to make sure they are fully prepared to assist you with a wide range of unique cleaning needs. We’ll be sure to clean and disinfect any high-touch and high-traffic areas to minimize the spread of harmful pathogens. If you have any special needs, we’ll be sure to pay close attention to them as well.

Learn more about our Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services.

Environmental Services Cleaning

Whatever you need, we’re committed to delivering the highest standard of clean.

  • Our experts provide cleaning and disinfecting services for:
  • Patient exam rooms
  • Nurses’ workstations
  • Lobbies
  • Diagnostic areas
  • Laboratories
  • And more

Find Out How We Can Help Your Office

ServiceMaster Clean has over 65 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry. All of that knowledge combined with advanced tools and processes are brought to your physician office cleaning. We’ll work closely with you to customize the perfect cleaning plan that fully accommodates your unique needs.

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