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Back to work: Cleaning Workplace Common Areas

Having a clean personal workspace is a good first step in protecting yourself from germs, but that isn’t the only thing to think about when returning to the office. We must do the same for common areas, too, and be mindful of our actions when visiting with our colleagues. 

Work together to keep conference rooms, coffee stations and other shared spaces clean. Little actions can have a big impact at the office, including tossing out printed materials when meetings conclude and wiping down kitchen counters before and after preparing your lunch. 

Be mindful of high-touch surfaces like your co-workers’ computers, pens and desks, too, as you travel to their areas throughout the day. Something as innocent as resting your hands on their desk or briefly using their pen can spread germs.

Thank you for doing your part in creating a healthy environment for yourself and those you work with. Take care and don’t forget to wash!