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Post-Construction Cleaning Sets the Stage for the Future

Development in Memphis is booming, especially in the Downtown area where Stratos is headquartered. Just check out the Downtown Memphis Commission’s list of current projects. It’s anything but brief, which means exciting times are ahead for 38103 and many general contractors are in need of post-construction services.

Enter Stratos. For years, we’ve partnered with many companies who are bettering our city through new builds and renovations. Our service partners provide everything from cleaning services between stages of construction to turnkey cleanings, where we are tasked with maintaining a clean worksite from start to finish. Most recently, we provided in-kind post-construction cleaning services to The Hospitality Hub of Memphis. The nonprofit, located just over a mile from our office, has built an entirely new campus with the help of our friends at Turner Construction. This allows the Hospitality Hub to further its mission of assisting unhoused community members, specifically women and children.

So, why do general contractors like Turner Construction partner with Stratos? According to Stratos’ General Manager of Custodial and Janitorial Operations, Sal Cervantes, the reason comes down to one thing – dependability. When a customer needs a large presence to quickly wrap up the cleaning of a post-construction job site, they call on Stratos. Our team can mobilize a large group of trained service partners to execute the work in a short amount of time. Those in the industry know just how precious that time is, as they are often working against tight deadlines. We help construction companies look good in the eyes of their customers, the building’s owners. It is always our goal to make them the shining stars in the end.

“We’re all about building relationships with our customers,” Sal said. “It is always my hope that after working with us once, the first company contractors will think of when they’re in need of services in the future is Stratos. Or, when they get in a bind with deadlines and need effective and efficient services, they know they can call on us.”

It’s those types of relationships that can lead to ongoing support long after construction is complete, too. If the funder of the construction or renovation project sees our service partners providing timely and efficient work, they are more likely to call on us for future needs that fall into our other areas of expertise. Think weekly cleaning services, regular floor and window cleanings, pre- and post-event cleanup and more.

Here at Stratos, we specialize in post-construction cleaning services and can be there as the dust settles to ensure it doesn’t stick around. Be it large projects or small, our service partners who take pride in the service they provide show up onsite and dig right in.