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Dirty Days of Summer | Carpet Cleaning in Cannon Falls, MN

ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions provides carpet cleaning in Lake City, Red Wing, and Cannon Falls, MN for the dirtiest days of the summer!

For part of the year people in Minnesota spend much of their time indoors. It’s only reasonable that when summer rolls around they spend as much of their free time as possible out of doors. That may mean on a sports field, in the woods, on a beach, in parks, or in farm fields. They fish, hunt, four-wheel, dirt bike, dive into lakes, and run – almost everywhere. Whether it lands on their clothes, their person, their hair, or their shoes, they carry home the various forms of dirt they’ve encountered throughout their day. And, of course, if the summer thunderstorms head their way, that dirt can quickly transform from dust on the floor to mud on your carpets.

That’s when you might want to remember that you read about the professional carpet cleaning  in Red Wing, MN provided by ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions.

You may diligently remind family members to wipe their feet, but distractions are plentiful in the summer. Children and teenagers move quickly and are known to transport massive amounts of sandbox sand and ball field dirt across the threshold. Adults can be just as bad, not realizing just where they’ve stepped, and what may be affixed to their shoes and boots until it’s too late.

You notice traces of something on the kitchen tile and then spot the telltale trail on the carpet.

You might as well face it – mud is inevitable. When you’ve had enough of it, call us for the most professional carpet cleaning in the area. We’ll remove surface dust and dirt, spot treat critical areas, and then use the latest techniques and materials from ServiceMaster Clean® to make your carpets like new. Our methods are tested and proven to be the most efficient in removing dirt and stains from your carpeting.

For expert residential carpet cleaning as well as commercial carpet cleaning in Red Wing, Lake City, and Cannon Falls areas, contact ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions today. Our experience in cleaning both homes and businesses is extensive, and we have been part of the community  for over 20 years. When you call us, you’re not just calling a corporate company, you’re calling a neighbor that cares.