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Spring Cleaning with Window Cleaning in Red Wing, MN

ServiceMaster Commercial & Residential Solutions provides window cleaning in Red Wing, MN and the surrounding communities

“Shed some light on the subject.” The phrase has multiple meanings, especially in the winter. When there is sunlight, you want to maximize it, haul it into your building in buckets, as it raises morale and productivity. Light comes in through windows, but only if your windows let it. Window cleaning is a critical, but too often a neglected part of every business operation, especially when it’s cold out. ServiceMaster Commercial & Residential Solutions provides window cleaning in Red Wing, MN for your residential cleaning needs this spring!

Think about it. Your potential customers are on the outside looking in, trying to get a clear view of the products and services you offer. If you run a restaurant or other hospitality venture they want to get an impression of the atmosphere and décor. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and found yourself peering and squinting through streaked and smudged windows? Did you feel the “dirty view” negatively tainted your impression of the dining experience? Face it, dirty windows don’t help. Instead, they send the same message as a dirty carpet or a bad odor.

Windows were one of the first and early forms of marketing. After the sign went up on the building (and in our area it may have been a log structure), a window was cut so the craftsman inside could see to work and the passersby could view the quality of the products, whether it be shoes, saddles or clothes. That basic concept hasn’t changed. If you still operate on a pedestrian byway or a well-traveled street, people will look in on your operation. Auto showrooms are the obvious example, but the same goes for hairdressers and barbershops, gift shops, hotels and coffee shops. When you come to banks, government offices, schools and libraries, and especially medical offices, clean windows take on extra importance. They project quality, care, professionalism, and respect.

Clean windows also help your employees. More natural light during working hours makes the environment more pleasant. Clinical studies have proven that exposure to sunlight helps ward off depression. Whether you have regular windows, glass doors or skylights, the effect is the same: the more sunlight you can provide your customers and employees, the better. Window cleaning will improve the atmosphere in your office – consider Red Wing, MN office cleaning and window cleaning this spring!

Attract the attention of the public. Let them see the great things your organization is doing. For the best in commercial  cleaningwindow cleaning, and excellence in janitorial services, contact ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions today.