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Janitorial Services Protect Your Investment in Red Wing, MN

ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions | Janitorial Services in Red Wing, MN to Protect Your Investments

In a competitive business environment it’s sometimes hard to outshine your competition. It takes planning, dedication, and the ability to manage the details. One detail that can make a significant difference is the appearance of your business. Much has been said about the benefits of a commercial janitorial service and how it helps improve the perceptions of customers, but two other aspects can mean a lot to your bottom line: avoiding replacement of flooring materials due to poor maintenance, and increasing employee productivity.  ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions offers the expertise to attain these goals when it comes to professional janitorial services in Red Wing, MN.

With experts cleaning your facility on a regular basis, you are investing in your business and, if you own it, the structure itself. Carpet cleaning alone tells the story. The two best ways to extend the life of any carpet is to vacuum it regularly with properly maintained equipment and to shampoo it on a regular basis. Poorly maintained flooring will fail prematurely and require costly replacement sooner than expected. Achieving the expected lifespan is desirable, but if you can add one or two more years to your floor covering, you’re ahead dollars that can be invested in other equipment or expansion. Regular janitorial services can help you maintain and protect your investment.

Another plus with janitorial services: A clean work environment increases productivity. Office cleaning on a regular basis is more important than you may think. A study published by researchers at Brigham Young University indicated that 88 percent of those studied worked better when their environment was clean, clear of clutter, and free of odors. It may not be the case with everyone, but many workers can focus better without visual or other sensory distractions. Greater productivity by the same number of staff may be the edge you need against your competition.

For the best in commercial cleaning and janitorial services in Red Wing, MN and the surrounding areas, contact ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions today.