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Cleaning Your Floors is Good for Business in Red Wing, MN

An observant friend of ours tells the story of the business with a revolving door. Actually it had a standard door, but he left almost as soon as he entered. He had been traveling and stopped at a restaurant recommended by a friend. He walked in hungry, with high expectations of some great home cooking, but lost his appetite as soon as he saw the floors inside. Part of the restaurant was carpeted, the rest of was a combination of tile and linoleum. It was a toss-up as to which looked worse. There was dirt and what looked like some kind of grease deposit in the grouted area of the tile. The carpet, while mostly uncluttered, appeared stained and grimy, as if it hadn’t been properly cleaned for several weeks. The older linoleum section in the hallway showed mud and bits of gravel, probably from the parking lot. Our friend turned around and walked out. He told us, “I’m the kind who cares about details. If they didn’t care about the impression their floors made, it made me wonder about the food. I wasn’t taking any chances.” You may not even know if this is happening at your business, but why take a chance? Make sure your carpet cleaning and professional floor cleaning in Red Wing, Lake City and Zumbrota, MN is done regularly and properly by ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions.

It’s only a perception, you say. The food was probably as good as expected. But the customer expected more than food, just as clients or patrons often expect more than the right product or service from a business. The first impression was the strongest, and in this case it was negative. The restaurant in question did not get a second chance to prove itself. It’s not that difficult to keep a facility clean when you use a commercial cleaning service, especially one with the proper staff and latest equipment to ensure a thorough and efficient job. We can schedule cleaning at the best time for you and your customers and to meet your specific needs and budget. Plus, we can clean any kind of surface from carpet and rugs to ceramic tile and all sorts of vinyl flooring.

Don’t let bad weather, your busy work schedule or budget concerns make your front door a revolving one. There is a reason our name includes the word solutions. We’ll find the best one for you and your needs. For the best in commercial carpet cleaning and floor cleaning contact ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions for your business in Red Wing, Wabasha, Cannon Falls, Goodhue, and nearby Minnesota communities.