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Why You Should Care About your Commercial Furniture

Furniture isn’t always on our minds when we’re at work. Between busy daily tasks, our thoughts are unlikely to include the health and cleanliness of our office furniture. However, there are a few good reasons why we should think about the furniture in our businesses and having it cleaned and cared for by ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions® in the Red Wing, MN area.

Furniture=First Impressions

Commercial furniture is integral in business entryways and waiting areas. Often times, the seating options are the first thing a customer will see, whether it be a few chairs to wait for their appointment, or a few couches in a waiting room. ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions knows that customers are likely to notice the cleanliness of this furniture, and won’t be impressed with stains or soiled fabric. That’s why businesses should keep furniture cleanliness in mind and trust ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions to clean, vacuum, and stain-treat their furniture.

Furniture=Employee Comfort

Employees likely use a variety of company furniture each day including desk chairs, conference room chairs, break room couches, and more. Workers like to feel comfortable as they work, and they’re not likely to feel comfortable or secure while sitting on furniture that gets a lot of use, but not a lot of cleaning. Because office furniture is used so often and consistently, it’s important for businesses to keep a consistent schedule for furniture cleaning. ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions of Red Wing will refresh your furniture and keep your workers feeling comfortable and productive.

Furniture=Soft Surface Germs

ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions is aware of the germs, bacteria, and pathogens that can contaminate soft commercial surfaces, just as they can hard surfaces like counters and desks. These germs can put the users of the furniture at risk for infection and undermine health, yet few Americans think about cleaning their soft surfaces as much as they do their hard surfaces. Because these pathogens and viruses can live on furniture for extended periods of time, commercial enterprises should take action in the cleanliness of their commercial furniture, especially since germy furniture can affect employees and customers. ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions of Red Wing will rid your furniture of harmful germs, leaving all of your soft surfaces germ and odor-free.

Whether you have a few chairs or a room of sofas, ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions is ready to keep your furniture clean, and your customers healthy and comfortable. Call ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions today and let your furniture look like new.