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How To Keep Upholstery Clean in Your Red Wing Office

For only a moment we’d like you to think about one word when it comes to your business or other facility: Cushions.

Unless you’re the type that makes your clients and customers sit on wood or plastic, you have cushions in your offices, waiting rooms, and as part of the chairs your staff uses. Except for health care facilities, the cushion is the closest personal contact item for clients and customers under your roof. They sit on it, wait on it, and make a deal on it. Aside from walking in and out, they may spend their entire visit enjoying the comfort and cleanliness of the upholstery and cushions in your business. That is, if the cushions are clean. If not, call us at ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions for upholstery cleaning in Red Wing, Lake City, Wabasha, Zumbrota or Cannon Falls.

What makes your office furnishings so comfortable is the fact that the fabric and cushion interiors are relatively soft and porous. That is, they can be absorbent and allow air in and out to ensure a “soft landing” so to speak. Whether the interior of the cushion is a type of foam or other natural or synthetic material, it has elasticity – it gives way under pressure and then springs back to form for the next person. Now the crucial question: How many people have sat on those cushions since they were last cleaned? Hundreds? Upholstery, like everything else, absorbs dirt, grime, liquids, and odors, perhaps even more readily than other materials. Fabric protectant certainly helps guard against stains and makes the textile or synthetic easier to clean when the time comes, but the chairs, couches and cushions still need to be cleaned. Make the rounds in your office and sit in every seat that could be occupied by a customer. How does it feel? Touch the arms of the chair, feel the fabric. How does it smell?

That will tell you if you need the best value in upholstery and commercial cleaning in the area. Whether it’s a school, service facility, pubic institution, shoe store, a dentist’s or other professional or health care office, we will ensure your visitors won’t be put off by the condition of your cushions. For the best in commercial upholstery cleanings, call ServiceMaster Commercial Solutions today.