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Janitorial Services Vanquish Germs in Cedar Rapids, IA

If your commercial space in Cedar Rapids, IA, has restrooms, that means you need janitorial services. Although most areas of the office require a thorough, regular cleaning, public restrooms have a lot of germs and bacteria that need special attention.

Here’s a quick breakdown of where germs are most common in a public restroom, along with the ways a janitor can successfully vanquish them from your office community!

Third Germiest Area: Although most folks might believe that the toilet has the most germs of any item within the office, it comes up third on our list. To get rid of these pesky germs, a quality janitorial service will provide the necessary disinfecting and cleaning services for the toilet and surrounding surfaces.

Second Germiest Area: Number two on our list is the soap dispenser, which can be covered in far more germs than the average piece of money. Fortunately, most folks using the soap dispenser wash their hands immediately afterward, which is extremely important to keeping the rest of the office free of germs. Additionally, janitors routinely clean surfaces within restrooms, including both countertops and soap dispensers.

Top Germiest Area: The worst offender in a public restroom? Watch out for the toilet paper dispenser! Just another reason to wash your hands before exiting a public restroom and to ensure a quality janitor handles all the cleaning and paper rotation needs associated with this dispenser.

There are a lot of germs lurking around public restrooms in Cedar Rapids, IA, so make sure to have a quality janitor on hand to help. At ServiceMaster Building Maintenance, we understand how to best support your staff members and vanquish germs from the premises.

For all your janitorial service needs in and around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, IA, Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, La Crosse, and Appleton, WI, and Winona, MN, please give our staff a call today!