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5 Signs You Need Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With everything on your plate, there's a good chance you haven't thought about the cleanliness of your commercial carpets (or other flooring for that matter). While you're not alone in this, it doesn't change the fact that your carpeting is one of the most important aspects of creating a welcoming environment for anyone that enters your space, from your employees to customers and everyone in between.

In fact, in research conducted via Whittaker Co. and The Harris Poll, it was found that 83% of respondents said that a well-maintained carpet greatly improved their confidence in a facility's cleanliness. This cleanliness affects your business's first impressions, returning customers' impressions, and so much more!

At ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream, we know this to be true. We've seen it firsthand and always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have the proper cleaning services for every inch of their building, including their carpeting!

How Do I Know My Commercial Carpet Needs to Be Cleaned?

To help you know when it's time to have your commercial carpets cleaned, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream has developed this helpful guide. Here are five signs that it's time to request a professional carpet cleaning:

1. Some Stains Won't Go Away

While an in-house team can provide some daily carpet care, there may be stains that cannot be removed. If this is the case, it's a telltale sign that the stain should be given to professionals to deal with. They have the right tools and chemical solutions needed to break down even the deepest carpet stains!

If you're wondering why a carpet stain is refusing to go away, the odds are that it's either due to the chemical makeup of whatever stained your carpet or leaving the stain in your carpet for far too long. Working quickly is your best bet at cleaning up stains then and there.

2. Decline in Indoor Air Quality

If you or your staff are prone to allergies, and you've noticed a recent influx in sneezing, itchy eyes, and other allergy symptoms, it may be time for commercial carpet cleaning. While frequent vacuuming can definitely help curb this problem in the first place, traffic atop of debris can drive dirt, dust, mold spores, and more deeper into the fibers of your carpet where only professional cleaning tools will be able to reach.

On the other hand, you may have noticed unpleasant smells coming from your carpet. Whether you smell something when someone walks on it or early in the morning after things have settled for a night, it's important to get your carpets professionally cleaned to remove anything causing the smells, which could be food crumbs, drops of beverages, or even mildew build-up.

3. Things Just Aren't Looking the Best

While having routine commercial carpet cleaning done will greatly improve the overall look of your carpet, there may come a time between cleaning appointments when things aren't looking the best. If that's the case, don't be shy to request your carpet cleaning earlier or more frequently.

Even if you only have professional cleaners complete spot treatments as opposed to the full deep clean, getting professional commercial cleaning done will upgrade your property and make things look like new again!

4. It's Hard to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Sometimes even the largest companies have problems keeping their carpets clean. Whether you lack the additional funds to spend on the proper carpet cleaning equipment, the extra hands with an already short-staffed team to clean your flooring, or even the time to keep up with the heavy foot traffic within your building, don't worry – that's why commercial carpet cleaning exists!

5. It's Been Some Time Since Your Last Carpet Deep Clean

Over time, your carpet will collect dirt, dust, and more. Not only will this cause wear and tear to the carpet itself, but it'll also allow containments to be kicked into the air. Sometimes you won't even see it. This is why it's important to be on top of your cleaning schedule and always make a note of when you had services done.

If it's been a while, or you can't even remember the last time your carpets have been deep cleaned, request services as soon as possible!

How Often Should I Have My Commercial Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

Regardless of what's on your commercial cleaning checklist, regular carpet cleaning is one of the most important things you can have professionally done.

While it's recommended to have commercial carpets cleaned at least once a year, scheduling visits from a commercial carpet cleaning company every three to four months is ideal for extending its lifespan and maintaining its cleanliness.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream Can Handle Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

When it's time to make sure that your current janitorial plan includes the proper carpet cleaning services, turn to the team at ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Services Carol Stream for help. Our team is equipped with everything they need to properly deep clean and maintain carpets of all kinds, from nylon to wool to polyester and more.

Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services for Any Industry

We don't stop at carpet cleaning, either. From tile to hardwood, we have the tools and expertise needed to clean any kind of flooring in your business.

Truth be told, our team can complete pretty much any type of cleaning service your Carol Stream local business or commercial facility could need. We always take the time to listen and ensure we're creating a cleaning plan that'll capture your unique needs, whether during a one-time or weekly janitorial services.

Keep your commercial carpets clean and so much more – contact us online to request a cleaning quote!