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Conference Room Cleaning Checklist

Conference Room Cleaning

Conference rooms are an important part of the everyday workplace. Whether you have weekly staff meetings, presentations or birthday celebrations, a clean conference room is important for any workplace. Walking into a disorganized, messy conference room ready for a meeting could harm the productivity and success of the meeting itself. Make sure you are following these conference room etiquette tips to ensure your conference space is always meeting ready:

Cleaning Checklist for Your Conference Room:

Clean Up the Mess

After a busy staff meeting, it’s expected that there will be notes, food, drink and trash around the room. Before leaving the room, each employee should clean up their area and the trash they have left behind. The employee that lead the meeting should wait until everyone leaves the meeting and returns to their desks to do a final sweep around the room for anything left behind. Make sure everything is put back where it belongs before leaving.

Wipe Down Surfaces

Always keep a package of disposable cleaning wipes in the conference room to make it easy to clean up quickly after meetings. Once the meeting is over, take a few minutes to disinfect the table, counters and any other surfaces utilized. Sanitation is extremely important in any workplace environment. Staying on top of cleaning up the conference room will help keep all your coworkers happy and healthy!

Turn Off Lights and Electronics

Be sure to turn off any electronic devices used during the meeting before leaving the conference room. Computers, projectors and lights can waste a significant amount of power if they get left on all day and night. Staying on top of keeping these items turned off can help conserve energy, as well as help save money on power bills each month.

Take Out the Trash

If there aren’t already a couple of trash and recycling bins in the conference room, now is the time to add them. Encourage employees to throw out their trash on their way out of the room. Bins in the conference room should be emptied regularly, especially if any food gets thrown away.

Schedule Janitorial Services

The conference room may not be the most heavily trafficked room in your office, but it is still important to include it in the regular office cleaning schedule. Hiring a janitorial service can eliminate the stress of having to stay on top of cleaning while you work. On top of this checklist, professional janitorial crews can provide floor cleaning, window washing, green cleaning services and much more.

ServiceMaster Twin Cities is proud to provide expert office cleaning services in the greater Little Rock, Arkansas area. We will work with you to find and customize the perfect cleaning plan for your business. Whether you prefer a daytime janitorial service or would rather have after-hours cleaning, we can help! Give us a call today to get a janitorial cleaning estimate started.