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Hard Surface Floor Care

Hard Surface Floor Care from the Experts

When you care deeply about your business you take care of your property. For any facility, hard surface flooring is a big investment. Hardwoods, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Sheet Vinyl, Linoleum, Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT) each require highly specialized treatment. Laminates, ceramic and porcelain tiles require specialized cleaning and regular professional maintenance to lengthen life and protect your investment for years to come.

At ServiceMaster Twin Cities we’re local Arkansas experts backed by the 50+ years of industry-leading experience ServiceMaster Clean brings. We have the proprietary training and experience to care for your floors—and your wallet.

ServiceMaster Clean® offers superior programs to properly maintain tile and grout, marble, vinyl and hardwoods. Your floors will be protected and beautiful.

  • Our proprietary training ensures that we deliver a better service:
  • A superior clean and shine
  • Reduced wear and tear on your floors
  • We’re faster and more efficient to save you money
  • We’ll make your floors safer with enhanced slip resistance
  • A floor refinish is needed less often

Commercial Services for Hard Surface Floors

Your business must leave an excellent first impression! Beautiful hard-surface floors showcase your facility and serve as one of your most impressive features. When proper maintenance is correctly executed on a regular basis, our team ensures your floors will help deliver a good impression and provide a clean, safe working environment. Count on ServiceMaster Twin Cities to customize care for marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry, tile, wood or other hard-surface floors.

  • Our highly-trained specialists use only floor-care products tested and proven to be superior
  • We deploy the most innovative equipment and the most efficient methods.

Daily Maintenance

It is imperative to frequently vacuum and mop hard surface floors with floor finish. Dirt or sand present on the floor will grind away the floor finish as people walk over the floors. High traffic areas will need to be vacuumed daily with vacuum for hard surface floors and mopped or auto scrubbed. We recommend using walk-off mats placed at entrances to reduce the amount of dirt that makes its way into the facility.

Buffing and Burnishing

Buffing a floor is done with a low-speed buffer 175-350 RPM. Burnishing is done with a high-speed burnisher that rotates between 1500-2500RPM. Modern floor finishes are best maintained with a high-speed burnisher. Burnishing a floor with enough floor finish will yield the “wet look” that many people like to see on their floors.

Top Scrubbing and Refinishing

Even when daily maintenance is performed and the floor is regularly buffed or burnished, dirt will eventually become embedded into the top coat of floor finish. When this happens, the floor is due for a top scrub and recoat. This process can be done when the bottom layers of finish are still in good condition. During this process, the top layer of finish is scrubbed away with a low-speed buffer to expose the clean finish below. Once the dirty finish is removed the floor is ready to have additional coats of floor finish reapplied. Regularly scheduled top scrubbing and refinishing can help prolong the need for costly stripping and refinishing for several years.

Stripping and Refinishing

When the floor finish has become yellowed, stained, or has worn away, dirt is allowed to enter the pores of the tile and stripping the old finish is required. Stripping floor finish from the floor requires strong chemicals and more labor than doing a top scrub and refinishing. Because of the cost associated with stripping and refinishing we recommend keeping the floor in good condition to delay this process for as long as possible.

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  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA
  • “I’ve been impressed with their attention to detail. And everyone at ServiceMaster is so easy to work with.”
    The Ridge Golf Course Auburn, CA

Commercial Cleaning Services By Industry

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A clean and healthy environment is essential for all businesses and facilities, regardless of the industry. Now more than ever, detailed disinfecting methods should be in place to protect the guests and employees of your facility. The professionals at ServiceMaster Clean have the experience and skills to deliver spotless, pristine results. We are backed by over 65 years of experience and use advanced cleaning products and processes that will help eliminate dirt, dust, germs and bacteria from your environment.

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