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Comfort and Cleanliness- Upholstery Cleaning in the Red Wing Area

Upholstery/Furniture Cleaning in Red Wing by ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions

You’ve made a considerable investment in your home and business, particularly in the furnishings. You may have spent long hours shopping around for just the right chairs and couch for the living room. You may have consulted a decorator. The same goes for your business. Whether your office areas and customer waiting rooms were the best effort of an interior designer or if you picked out the furniture yourself, you feel you’ve done the best you can for your clients or customers. It’s a common phrase: we want you to feel at home. To keep the furniture in your Red Wing home or office looking its best, consider an upholstery cleaning from ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions. 

Whether it’s your home or your office, you don’t want your visitors sitting on furniture that isn’t clean or healthy. Healthy furniture? Of course – fabrics and textiles trap a wide range of grime and chemicals simply from regular use. Sometimes upholstery stains are obvious and the discoloration is there for all to see. Sometimes it’s the odor that’s noticeable. Do you ever take the time and sit where your customers do? You may be surprised – bacteria can cause odors, and any surface can collect germs and other particles of dirt or organic matter.

Upholstery can be difficult to clean because different materials require special treatment, and almost all upholstery is hard to clean thoroughly. ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions has the expertise to do both. We know how to handle the modern synthetics and microfibers as well as the traditional materials like cotton. We won’t compromise the material; we’ll just clean it well and make it as fresh as it was when new. And we can treat the material so it stays cleaner longer. Whether it’s residential upholstery cleaning so your home is inviting to your family guests, or commercial upholstery cleaning to protect your business and investment, we can handle it. Contact us today for the best in professional cleaning services.