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Stay Healthy This Winter in Red Wing with House Cleaning Services

Unless you’re out ice fishing or snowmobiling, you’re probably spending more of your free time indoors where it’s warm. Safe to say, that’s at least one third more time staying inside and out of the frigid cold of winter! Multiply that by the number of family members and you’ll get a better understanding of why you might be experiencing more allergies, colds or flu-like symptoms. No matter how efficient your heating system may be, you are still exposed to more of whatever is circulating in your home environment, whether it’s bacteria, viruses, or allergens. ServiceMaster Commercial & Residential Solutions provides house cleaning services in Red Wing, MN.

For many, that means hidden dirt in the carpets, including food particles and spills left over from meals and parties. There may be smoke particles from the fireplace or the last time someone overcooked dinner. Then there’s good old-fashioned dust, blown in during the fall when you last had the windows open, or particles that have settled from ceilings, walls and window coverings. People and animals shed dry skin which dust mites love to feast on. These indoor pollutants mostly go unnoticed unless you have an allergy or a higher sensitivity.

We mentioned animals, and if you have any you can add pet hair and dander to this list. That’s in your carpet as well, along with the stains you tried to get out but didn’t completely remove after the last pet accidents. And depending on what spills or other moisture your flooring has seen, there may be mold trapped in or under your floor coverings. Due to their toxicity, black mold and mold spores can easily lead to other immune system reactions in your family.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that people spend up to 90 percent of their time inside compared to years ago. Make sure that your home is as clean and healthy as possible. Let ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions take care of your residential carpet cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Goodhue, Wabasha and Pierce Counties. Professional house cleaning services can do a thorough job by efficiently and effectively treating, cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the areas of floor coverings and upholstery you can’t. Be sure this winter; be ServiceMaster safe and contact ServiceMaster Commercial & Residential Solutions today.