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Commercial Cleaning in Red Wing, MN Can Help Keep Your Business from Going Viral

ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions provides janitorial cleaning services for businesses in Red Wing and beyond.

It seems you can’t read the news these days without seeing some reference to a virus, whether it be the flu, the common cold, or one of the more severe respiratory viruses that are harder to treat. Lower vaccination rates have contributed to their spread, and as people gather in more enclosed spaces as the cold weather enters the scene, illness is only days or weeks away from impacting your business, workplace, or school. Most viruses stay alive for an extended period on surfaces such as doorknobs, counter tops, phones, and computer keyboards. This season is a time to be extra vigilant against germs. Let ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions keep viruses at bay in Red Wing, Lake City, and Zumbrota this winter with professional cleaning and disinfecting services.

A recent study by microbiologists at the University of Arizona revealed just how easy it is to spread illness in an office area. The researchers planted a harmless virus strain on a door handle or table top in three separate facilities; an office, a conference room, and a health care facility. Within two to four hours the virus appeared on 40 to 60 percent of the employees in each location. Not only did people pick up and carry the virus, they deposited it on desktops, conference tables, phones, and even a bed rail in the medical facility. Viruses need warmth and food as well as a carrier in order to thrive and spread. Staff members must do their part by frequently washing their hands and using hand cleaner. A bottle on every counter or desk is a good idea. Beyond that comes the professional and thorough cleaning of offices, food areas, and restrooms by utilizing the top techniques and solutions to sanitize and disinfect.

You don’t want your business to be the source of illness in your community. If all public facilities took the same precautions and cleaned frequently, the viruses would have a much harder time surviving. Give your employees and clients the best deal this season: A healthy chance. Call ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions to set up a regular janitorial and commercial cleaning service that focuses on combating viral risks at your business in Red Wing, Cannon Falls, Wabasha, Wanamingo, and surrounding communities.