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Prepare for Winter with Carpet Cleaning in Red Wing, MN

Providing residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Many people in Minnesota talk about closing up a cabin or vacation house for the winter, but did you realize that you actually close up your home for the winter but continue living in it? That’s right. In diligently tightening up the house to keep out cold drafts and manage your heating costs, you are also limiting the airflow into the house and, to some extent, enclosing your family with whatever dirt, germs, and toxins that remain from the long and dusty summer and fall. Now is the time to thoroughly clean your carpets to ensure you don’t trap all that bad stuff inside with you for a long Minnesota winter. Let ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions professionally clean your carpet in Red Wing and surrounding communities.

There is a long list of very small particles that can be trapped within the pile of your carpets. This nastiness includes dirt and soil tracked in during the summer, chemicals and solvents stuck to shoes and boots, food remnants from parties and snacking, wine, beer and soda spills, and pet stains and odors from dogs and cats. Add to that the plant spores and pollen blown in from the outdoors, and remains of insects that never left after visiting your home. All of these organic and non-organic compounds may well be interacting to make for a rather unhealthy toxic collage. That’s probably not something you want to be living with all winter. As you walk through your carpeted rooms, you’ll be kicking up molecules into the air, which will then be inhaled and circulated by your air system. If anyone in your family has asthma or other types of pulmonary issues, it certainly won’t help.

Give us a call today so we can schedule a complete carpet cleaning for your home in Red Wing, Lake City, Zumbrota, Cannon Falls, Wabasha, Wanamingo, and surrounding communities. ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions will help make your home safe and healthy for the winter, no matter how long the season may last.