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Cleaning Services Keep You Healthy During Flu Season in Red Wing, MN

ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions provides germ-killing professional cleaning in Red Wing, MN

It doesn’t take much to get sick these days. If it’s not the old fashioned common cold making your life miserable, there always seems to be a new strain every flu season. There has already been a virulent respiratory infection packing doctors’ offices and emergency rooms across the county. This all adds up to more sick days at school or work, lost time and perhaps wages, and the extra strain of nursing whoever is sick. The best approach to tackling these illnesses is prevention, and that’s where ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions comes in. Our residential and commercial cleaning services can keep your home, business or facility a healthy place in Red Wing, Cannon Falls, Lake City, Wabasha, Goodhue, MN and the surrounding area.

Thorough cleaning with the proper solutions and disinfectants on a frequent basis, along with regular hand washing, can be powerful deterrents to disease in homes, schools and the workplace. Anyone who is worried about absences, lost productivity, or the spread of illness in their work force can do something about it. ServiceMaster has everything necessary to kill bacteria, remove germs, and limit the conditions that cause them. Simply washing, vacuuming and wiping things off are not enough to combat today’s constantly mutating viruses and bugs.

Let us set up a cleaning schedule for your facility. As we said, frequency is important. Floors, surfaces, restrooms, kitchen, and cafeteria areas need to be professionally cleaned. And those highly touched areas such as doors, doorways, desktops, counters, phones, and computer keyboards need special attention. Reassure your customers and clients that you’re doing your best to keep your business as safe as possible during this cold and flu season. Contact ServiceMaster Commercial and Residential Solutions today so you can boast the healthiest facility in Lake City, Wabasha, Goodhue, Red Wing, and Cannon Falls.