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Hard-Surface Floors (Urethane) Cleaning FAQ

Answers to Common Client Questions

Many of our clients have a lot of questions about our hard surface urethane floor cleaning services. We’ve compiled the most common questions, along with our answers, below. Read through them to learn a little more about our hard surface floor cleaning services and then reach out to us if you have additional questions.

For more information about our hard surface urethane floor cleaning, call us at (844) 325-0707.

  • Can I strip floors with urethane finish?

    Urethane is strippable if necessary. However, when the product reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be abraded and recoated without stripping. ServiceMaster Clean has products and procedures designed specifically for this purpose.

  • How often do I buff?

    Urethane is NEVER buffed. Buffing may actually diminish the gloss of the finish.

  • Is urethane slippery when wet?

    Any coated surface can be slippery when wet. Our urethane product is considered to have acceptable slip resistance according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) B101.3-2012 test method for measuring wet dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) of common hard-surface floor materials. We offer optional additives to create high slip resistance (lower probability of slipping) for wet environments or areas of concern.

  • How long will urethane floors last?

    Wear of any finish depends greatly on traffic, use and cleaning practices; an average lifespan is two years.

  • Does urethane have a span odor during the application?

    Urethane finish contains no VOCs or solvents, which are often the source of harmful fumes. It has a very light, almost unnoticeable, clean scent.

  • Isn’t urethane more expensive than a traditional acrylic finish?

    Yes and no. The cost of product per square foot for the application of urethane finish is more than an acrylic finish. However, customers will see a return on the initial investment in urethane because of the reduced need for ongoing regular maintenance. As a building owner, this will also result in fewer disruptions within the facility.

  • Will applying urethane void my manufacturer’s warranty on the floor?

    It may. However, most factory warranties do not cover scratching, wear and abrasion. If your floor has reached this stage, your best option is to protect it. Many factory finishes, like urethane, will eventually wear out. You can most closely achieve that factory-type finish by applying a thin coat of urethane. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Isn’t it hard to fix an area that is damaged? What if I drag a large piece of furniture across it and leave a gouge?

    Urethane finish is relatively easy to repair. Call your local ServiceMaster Clean professionals and let us repair the damaged area.

  • Will furniture scratch floors with urethane finish?

    Furniture that is broken, in ill repair or not fitted with the proper floor protectors may damage the finish. Inspect all furniture before urethane installation and apply proper protectors.

  • How long will it take to have my floors coated with urethane?

    Preparation will depend on the condition of the existing floor, the current number of coats, repairs required, etc. The coating application can be accomplished at a rate of 750 square feet per hour with a two-person crew.

  • Will the application of urethane disrupt my business?

    The initial application process will require stripping any existing coatings and applying urethane coating, plus drying time. This process can be done after hours and will require only daily cleaning for the life of the finish, averaging two years. Because there is no buffing or recoating for that time period, there will be no other disruptions. The reapplication process will not require further stripping.

  • Does urethane finish yellow?

    Our urethane finish is UV resistant and will not yellow.

  • Can I use household cleaning products on my floors?

    Floors with urethane finish are easy to clean, and we recommend a neutral cleansing agent. We can provide more information on a suitable product.

  • How often do I clean my floors?

    Urethane requires only damp mopping on a daily basis or the use of an auto scrubber with a white pad, red pad or a soft brush. Never dry buff or dry scrub your floor; a loss of gloss may occur.

  • When will I be able to walk on my floors?

    The most rapid dry time is four hours, but we recommend allowing eight hours before walking on the floor.

  • Will the application process produce dust?

    Procedures that are required to prepare the floor can be done with a wet screening and/or wet conditioning pad, thereby reducing dust.

  • I think my floor's appearance should be improved, but I'm concerned about the price. What should I do?

    Consider the cost of non-action. Urethane not only makes your floors shiny, which gives the perception of cleanliness, but it protects your flooring investment. Floors are subject to traffic wear patterns, chemicals and stains as well as scratching. Applying a urethane finish will protect your floors and extend their life span. Compared to the cost of our recommended traditional acrylic floor maintenance program, urethane should represent cost savings for you.

  • How do I maintain this floor after the urethane application?

    Leave the daily cleaning to the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean. We offer daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services for your facility. Urethane finish requires only damp mopping on a daily basis or the use of an auto scrubber with a white or red pad or a soft brush. Mop with a properly diluted neutral cleansing agent and warm water. Overuse of cleaning chemicals can build up and leave a residual film on the floor. Never buff your floor; a loss of gloss may occur.

  • Do I need to do anything prior to the technician arriving for my scheduled service?

    Yes, we ask that you remove breakables from the tops of furniture in the breakroom, lobby, conference room and other areas we will be cleaning. Pick up items from the floor such as rugs, plants, trash containers, recycle bins, file cabinets, chairs, etc. Vacuum or dust mop all debris found on your floors prior to your cleaning. If items are too large to move, consult with your technician.

  • Do I have to move furniture?

    Yes. We do not remove heavy items such as file cabinets, conference room tables, bookcases, lobby furniture and large pieces of furniture. We recommend that you have any such items moved prior to your appointment date. If items are too large to move, consult with your technician.

  • Are there instructions to follow after my hard-surface floors are cleaned?

    Before you walk on your floors, it’s best to allow drying time of at least 4 hours, but we recommend 8 hours. Be cautious and protect floors from getting wet for 24 hours after the application of either finish as it is not yet thoroughly cured. You can return furniture to your floors (with the suggested use of felt pads) after 24 hours and return rugs to floors after 24 hours.

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