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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

We’ve Got the Answers to Your Questions

When it comes to ensuring the cleanliness, health and safety of your facility, you want to know that you’ve hired the best commercial cleaning and disinfecting company to handle your responsibilities. ServiceMaster Clean has over 65 years of industry experience and is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of clean for your facility. We believe in open and honest communication with our clients and always want to make sure they are equipped with all the information they need about our services and cleaning professionals.

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions our clients ask us about our carpet cleaning services, along with our answers.

Schedule a carpet cleaning service today! Feel free to browse through them, and if you find you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (844) 325-0707.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take to have my carpets cleaned at my business?

    The amount of time will be contingent on the size of the area needing to be cleaned and processes used, either low moisture, portable extraction, or truck-mount extraction, in terms of efficiencies and time. A highly trained ServiceMaster Clean technician can help you choose a program that best meets your needs and schedule.

  • Will carpet cleaning be disruptive to my business?

    The team at ServiceMaster Clean will work with you to schedule a time after hours, or we can develop a customized program to clean your carpets in sections. Our technician will inform you of estimated dry times needed.

  • Can I use household carpet cleaners for spot removal?

    We recommend using only ServiceMaster Clean products. For more information, contact your local ServiceMaster Clean professional.

  • How often do I need to get my carpets professionally cleaned?

    To keep the carpets in your business in good shape, we recommend setting up your business on a carpet care program to provide regular care and maintenance which can help extend the life of your carpets. It’s best to get your carpets cleaned quarterly using our low moisture method to remove soil before it gets ground-in your carpet fibers. By doing a quarterly carpet cleaning, you may only need a professional deep cleaning carpet service once a year.

  • When will I be able to walk on my floors after carpet cleaning?

    It’s best to allow drying time of six to eight hours before you can walk on your carpet. It is best to wait two days before placing heavy furniture back onto the carpet if not using blocks.

  • Will there be an odor?

    Depending on the type of carpet we’re cleaning, you may notice a faint scent. This is especially prevalent when cleaning wool carpets. The amount of time it takes for the odor to dissipate is usually within an hour but varies based on air circulation, heat and humidity. A big difference in the way ServiceMaster Clean cleans carpet compared to many of our competitors is that we do not put soap in our rinse water. We pre-spray the carpets, remove the spots, then use clean water extraction, ensuring we do not leave any soapy residue behind. This allows for fresh, clean carpets.

  • Do I need to do anything prior to the technician arriving for my scheduled service?

    Yes. Remove breakables from the tops of furniture in the room we will be cleaning. Pick up items from the floor in areas you want cleaned, such as rugs, plants, trash cans, etc. Pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned.

  • Do I have to move furniture?

    To get the best results with professional carpet cleaning, we recommend removing furniture from the rooms we will be cleaning. Items we clean around instead of moving include file cabinets, conference room tables, bookcases, lobby furniture and large pieces of furniture.

  • Are there instructions to follow after my carpets are cleaned?

    Immediately after cleaning, it’s best to allow carpets to dry for 6-8 hours before walking on them. Walking on them may flatten the fibers. Use air movers if needed to help air circulation as this will speed up the drying time. If a carpet protector such as Scotchgard was applied, foot traffic should be minimized for up to 24 hours to let the product cure. Don’t move any furniture back in place until carpet is completely dry or Scotchgard carpet protector has cured.

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