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Hardwood Floor Cleaning FAQ

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If you have hardwood floors in your business, you want to make sure that the team you hire to clean them is fully prepared to handle this important responsibility. At ServiceMaster Clean, we completely understand and want to provide you with every assurance that we are the team you can trust for all of your commercial floor care services. You undoubtedly have questions about our process, products, and staff. We are happy to answer them all.

Below you will find answers to the most common questions our clients ask us. We try to cover as many topics as possible to make it easy for you to quickly get the answers you're looking for. However, you may still have a question or concern that is not addressed. If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to ServiceMaster Clean. Our commercial cleaning experts will be happy to assist you.

Have additional questions? We would love to answer them for you. Contact our hardwood floor cleaning experts at (844) 325-0707 with any additional questions.

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  • How do I know which WoodGlo option is best for me?

    Each WoodGlo option safely removes dirt, debris, grease, hair, soil, dust, built-up residue and contaminants trapped in your floors by other cleaning products. The right WoodGlo solution for you depends on the level of protection you desire for your hardwood floors. Level 1 provides basic professional cleaning while Level 2 offers a comprehensive cleaning process resulting in a glossier sheen and longer-lasting protection.

  • Is professional hardwood floor cleaning expensive?

    Professional hardwood floor cleaning is a fraction of the price compared to getting your hardwood floors sanded and refinished. Call today to get an estimate from one of our professionals.

  • Will a professional hardwood floor cleaning be disruptive to business?

    No matter which WoodGlo option you choose, we can perform the service overnight and your floors will be ready for use and walk-on traffic within a matter of a few hours. Your trained technician can help discuss the exact cure times you will need based on your facility and the service option you choose.

  • Can I use household cleaning products on my hardwood floors?

    Never use wax, oil soap or other household cleaners on your hardwood floors. They can dull the finish and make refinishing more difficult. We suggest using our WoodGlo Neutral Cleaner on a weekly basis as needed with a microfiber flat mop. For more information about this product, contact your local ServiceMaster Clean professional.

  • How often do I need to get my hardwood floors professionally cleaned?

    The frequency for getting your hardwood floors professionally cleaned depends on the WoodGlo treatment option you choose. To keep your floors in good condition, we recommend they be cleaned and refreshed every 6-12 months if choosing WoodGlo Level 1 and 3-5 years if choosing WoodGlo Level 2, depending on traffic and severity of damage.

  • When will I be able to walk on my floors after a hardwood floor cleaning?

    Allow drying time of at least one to two hours before walking on it. Consult your expert ServiceMaster Clean technician to ensure proper curing time for your specific hardwood floor.

  • Will there be an odor?

    You may notice a faint scent that will diminish with time. The amount of time it takes for the odor to dissipate is usually within an hour but varies based on air circulation, heat and humidity. An advantage of using our water-based finishes is they have less harmful fumes than oil-based finishes thanks to their low volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels.

  • Will the professional hardwood floor cleaning generate dust?

    No, our recoating process is dustless, which keeps your business cleaner.

  • I think my hardwood floors may need to be refinished but I’m worried about the price. What should I do?

    Call ServiceMaster Clean and one of our trained professionals will come to your business to inspect your floors. They will recommend the best way to restore your floors based on their current condition and the specifics of your facility. Our process doesn’t require sanding and is a fraction of the price of getting your wood floors sanded and refinished.

  • A fire almost destroyed my hardwood floors. What should I do?

    In many instances, getting them cleaned by a professional can help restore the natural beauty of your wood floors. Contact ServiceMaster Clean today for a custom evaluation to help you with your hardwood floor needs.

  • What do I do if major amounts of water, flood-related or not, has come into contact with my hardwood floor?

    Don’t rip up the flooring because you think all hope is lost. Instead, call your ServiceMaster Clean professionals. In some instances, getting your wood floors professionally cleaned will bring your wood floors back to life and help restore your peace of mind.

  • Do I need to do anything prior to the technician arriving for my scheduled service?

    Yes, we ask that you remove breakables from the tops of furniture in the breakroom, lobby, conference room and other areas we will be cleaning. Pick up items from the floor such as rugs, plants, trash containers, recycle bins, file cabinets, chairs, etc. Vacuum or dust mop all debris on hardwood floors prior to your cleaning. If items are too large to move, consult with your technician.

  • Do I have to move furniture?

    Yes. We do not remove heavy items such as file cabinets, conference room tables, bookcases, lobby furniture, and large pieces of furniture. We recommend that you have any such items moved prior to your appointment date. If items are too large to move, consult with your technician.

  • Are there instructions to follow after my hardwood floors are cleaned?

    It’s best to allow drying time of at least one to two hours. Be cautious and protect floors from getting wet for 24 hours after the application of either finish as it is not yet thoroughly cured. You can return furniture to your floors (with the suggested use of felt pads) after 24 hours and return rugs to floors after 24 hours.