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3 Reasons Why Your Staff Should Also Know Basic Cleaning Protocols for Your Office

A clean and healthy work environment is important no matter what business you're in, but especially so for the healthcare industry. Your cleaning crew should already know how to perform the necessary disinfecting and cleaning methods to keep your facility safe, but what about the rest of your staff? The experts at ServiceMaster Clean offer three great reasons why everyone who works for you – from the receptionist to the mail clerk – should know and follow a few basic cleaning protocols to help keep patients safe.

1. A Clean Facility Means a Safe Environment

Cleanliness isn't just important to your reputation, it also means a safer environment for everyone. Educate your staff about the importance and necessity of implementing basic cleaning protocols on a regular basis. These procedures translate into benefits for everyone by reducing the risk of infection and keeping sickness to a minimum. Sick days can cost money, and they also affect your ability to provide quality care and service to your patients. Not only that, but pathogens can easily spread from one patient to the next if they aren't effectively reduced. Education and training on proper cleaning methods are the keys to ensuring that everyone from the front desk receptionist to the physicians know the importance of keeping a clean facility.

2. Disinfecting High Touch Areas Protects Against Infection

The process of disinfecting a surface involves the complete destruction and elimination of dangerous microorganisms. Your cleaning crew should fully understand this process, particularly in areas of your facility where patients are seen. But office staff members should also know to regularly disinfect surfaces in the areas where they work. In a clinical setting, this includes high-touch areas like beds and railings, examination tables, and carts. For administrative staff, this includes desks, chairs, telephones and computer equipment. Have your staff wipe down these high-touch areas using a disinfecting wipe that's recommended for use in healthcare facilities. Once this simple step becomes a habit, it can help to keep infectious germs at bay.

3. Frequent Hand Washing Prevents Sickness

Cleaning is about more than just the surfaces and frequently touched equipment within your office. It's also critical to ensure everyone knows and understands the importance of hand hygiene and its effectiveness in reducing the transmission of infectious agents. Establish a solid hand-hygiene policy with your staff, and then make sure the policy is enforced to help prevent the spread of germs and cross-contamination. Remember, too, that a hand-hygiene policy is only as effective as its participation rate. Outfit all restrooms and sink areas with a quality antimicrobial soap and post signs reminding staff about how and how often to effectively wash their hands.

While a quality, professional healthcare facility cleaning service like ServiceMaster Clean performs a vital role in keeping your facility safe and sanitary, your staff also have an important part to play. After all, your employees are the ones interacting with visitors and moving about the facility throughout the day, putting them on the front lines in the fight against the spread of pathogens and infection. By ensuring that your staff understands the importance of sticking to a solid cleaning, disinfecting and hand-hygiene regimen within your office, you can help keep your facility safe and clean for everyone.

Office Cleaning

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