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Office Entryway Ideas & Considerations

As one of the most heavily trafficked areas of any commercial building and the place you make your first impression, your office’s entryway requires a thoughtful design. In fact, the ideal office entryway must serve several purposes. In addition to offering a safe space that can withstand heavy foot traffic, your entryway should also be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Design the perfect entryway for your commercial space by considering these three important factors from the experts on safety, maintenance and aesthetics at ServiceMaster Clean.

Maximize Safety and Durability

Slip-and-fall injuries are a major liability for any facility, and a well-designed entryway can help minimize your risk. In addition to keeping your facility clean, the key to reducing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries is to mitigate the amount of debris and moisture that people track into your space.

The easiest way to make an entrance safer is to add a durable commercial entry mat. An absorbent, backed scraper mat placed just inside the door will encourage staff and visitors to wipe off any leaves, dirt or moisture stuck to their shoes. Add an unbacked scraper mat just outside the door for preliminary debris removal. You can even place a more decorative, textile mat just beyond the interior scraper mat for a third layer of protection and the ultimate peace of mind.

On days with lots of precipitation, consider adding an umbrella stand and wet floor signs to your entryway to contain as much water as possible and keep your staff and visitors alert and aware. With all these elements in place, your commercial entryway will be perfectly equipped to reduce slip-and-fall risks.

Maintain, Monitor and Replace as Needed

Regularly clean and service your commercial entrance mats to extend their life and create a pleasing impression. Here are some of our favorite, easy cleaning strategies:

  • Keep the exterior space that leads into your facility free of dirt and moisture.
  • Check your mats during high-traffic periods to prevent an unsightly or dangerous buildup of debris or moisture.
  • Spot clean mats by sweeping or beating them outside as needed.
  • Vacuum mats and thoroughly clean your lobby or entryway weekly.
  • Replace your mats when they lose absorbency or become otherwise ineffective or unappealing.

Consider Aesthetics and Price

While exploring office entryway ideas, you should also consider how the matting will actually look in your space. While absorbency and durability are more important for safety and longevity, the design you choose to welcome guests will speak to your business’s unique character. Dark-hued mats show less dirt and grime, so look for a dark commercial entry mat that blends in with your other décor.

Price is also important to any business owner, but you should remember that cheaper isn’t always better. Strike a balance between staying on budget and choosing an entryway system that will hold up to abuse. If you skimp on matting from the start, you’ll likely need to replace it more frequently, which can ultimately cost you more in the long run.

The primary goal of any facility’s entryway system should be to reduce the dirt, debris and moisture that can get tracked in and turn your space into a safety hazard. Designing a durable, budget-friendly and aesthetically appealing matting system is a practical and attractive solution for any commercial entryway. The system outlined above combined with expert commercial floor cleaning services from ServiceMaster Clean can help you rest assured that your entryway is always looking and operating at its best.

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