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Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Checklist to Stay Neat & Clean

A clean workspace is important for several different reasons. First, it helps you focus on the task at hand, rather than being distracted by the clutter. Clean offices also help keep germs to a minimum. Plus, a clean workspace helps your business put its best face forward for visitors, clients, customers and potential employees.

If you need help keeping your office space clean, use this office cleaning checklist from the professionals at ServiceMaster Clean.

How to Create a Custom Printable Office Cleaning Checklist for Your Facility

Different office spaces may require different cleaning steps. To create a cleaning checklist, begin by establishing zones. These may include the lobby and reception area, individual office spaces, cubicles, conference rooms, restrooms and break rooms. Depending on your type of business, you may have additional areas such as warehouse or production spaces that will require their own cleaning protocols.

Under each zone, list the cleaning tasks that must be performed daily. Some examples of tasks you’ll need to complete daily to keep your office clean include the following:

Office Spaces and Cubicles

  • Clean up clutter and re-organize workspaces.
  • Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant wipes, including phones, keyboards and desks.
  • Dust bookshelves, filing cabinets and other surfaces.
  • Empty trash containers and replace liners.


  • Empty trash.
  • Disinfect toilets, door handles, sinks and paper towel holders.
  • Refill soap dispensers, paper towel holders and toilet paper, if necessary.
  • Sweep.
  • Mop.

Break Rooms

  • Inspect the refrigerator and throw out any expired or spoiled food.
  • Wipe down the refrigerator, including the handle, with disinfectant wipes.
  • Disinfect surfaces, including counters, tables and other high-touch areas.
  • Empty trash containers and replace liners.

Office Cleaning Checklist Tips

After establishing your zones and documenting which tasks should be completed in each space, format your checklist! Each office space should be separated by a title and a task list with accompanying check boxes. Provide space at the bottom of the checklist for any comments.

When creating a printable cleaning checklist, the format and style will largely depend on who is cleaning, how many people may be cleaning each space on any given day and who is to be held accountable for completing the list. For example, some businesses may simply have space where an employee can check off tasks as they complete them. Other facilities may want to include several squares next to each task so employees can mark their initials after completing something that must be done at certain times throughout the day. Other offices, however, may want to create one sheet that employees can use weekly. These checklists may include boxes near each task that match days of the week, so staff can mark off that certain tasks were accomplished on specific business days.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we know that each business is unique. That’s why we work with our clients to create a custom, comprehensive cleaning regimen that matches their schedule and unique needs. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of using professional office cleaning services, call us today. Our janitorial services for office spaces can help emphasize the professionalism of your company and create a productive atmosphere for your employees.

Office Cleaning

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